My Musings

As we heal and grow, we uplift and enlighten those around us.
— sadee


Resilience is both beautiful and strong.

Resilience is both beautiful and strong.

The Black Heart

The Black Heart represents love.

A love that recognizes what it doesn't want so it may embrace what it does...

A love that witnesses the traumatic acts of those so close, and others who seem so far away.


The Black Heart is a bruised heart.

A tough heart.

A real heart, that knows disappointment, breathes hope, and lives faith.

It is accepting of self and others.

It is compassionate and forgiving, even if it takes decades, centuries, lifetimes.  It is limitless.

It is pure – not that it doesn't know pain, fear or doubt – but that it thrives nonetheless.


At times it speaks quietly...honoring solitude and retreat.

And at times, it is LOUD, BRASH; out spoken in support and righteous anger.

It is a reminder that we are all one.

Deep.  Dark.  Real.  Infinite.

It is a forever heart, filled with forever love.

 © Sadee 2016

Sadee Brathwaite