My Story

We contain the divine spark within us
— Sadee
I teach and heal through my art.  I make others feel heard and supported through my advising practice.  I help people reconcile with themselves. I am the voice, the messenger of the other world. The ancestors are talking.  The time is now. Help is on its way.
— Sadee

People are drawn to my vibe.  My paintings are power tools, providing nourishment and elevation for the soul.  What I stand to offer is necessary to the world, directly in service to spirit and life continuity.

My earliest memories are of the bright hues of the tropical sun and the deep translucent blues of the Atlantic ocean.  I was raised by my maternal grandparents on a farm by the sea in Barbados. Water, sand and shells were my first artistic mediums.  When I moved at the age of eight to live with my mother in New York, I brought those tropical colors with me to brighten my new life in the gray and steel constructs of city life.

My art combines vibrant tropical colors, strong geometric forms, and symbology.  The pieces access strength, love, courage, faith, struggle, and anger to reflect my attraction of finding what motivates people; what makes us similar instead of different.  I focused on those similarities to make friends and fit in with new people and places. This ability taught me the hows and whys of communication and the most effective ways to do so.

Growing up, I studied ancient and modern symbols, exploring psychology, philosophy, global archetypes, myths, creation stories, African cosmologies and concepts of divinity.  Drawn to the empowering work of uplifting women worldwide, I attended workshops and retreats conducted by the Ministry of Maåt, an international spiritual and educational organization nurturing the ideal of a harmonious and balanced world community through the support of women and men's spiritual and physical well-being.

Under the tutelage of Ione, Pauline Oliveros, and Andrea Goodman I met and apprenticed with brilliant established and initiate Minister/Priestesses of Maåt.  Maåt is the ancient Egyptian principle of balance, truth and cosmic order. Under the auspices of the Ministry, I learned how to work with dreams, utilize sound and energy healing, sacred movements, sacred geometry, astrology, channeling, herbal and flower essences and many more esoteric healing modalities.  

My energy became my currency.  My natural affinity as a counselor developed and I excelled in the intuitive arts.  In November of 2008, I was ordained at Lifebridge Sanctuary in High Falls, NY. The four year journey on the Priestess track allowed me to develop my own healing practice in the world, incorporating symbology (through art), divination, prayers, intention, ritual, candle magic, and advising.