Artists Statement

Artist Statement

By utilizing archetypes and symbols my paintings engage universal themes to tell personal and global stories. The pieces dwell in the realm of myth and the mystical, combining psychology and philosophy to embody wisdom and the nurturing spirit. Differing realities, expressed through color, composition and form, link the ancient and ancestral with the personal and individual, providing sudden realizations, and messages of illumination.

My source materials are hieroglyphs, sacred principals and beliefs, deities, and legends. I focus on the female form evoking the concept that all women are daughters of divinity, that each woman contains the divine spark within her, that she is being called to rise. Each painting then tells a unique tale, cultivating keen self-awareness by pulling from board shared cultural experiences.

Accessing strength, courage, faith, fear, struggle, anger, the paintings provide nourishment and something elevating to the soul and spirit. Each piece is an exhibition of power, a transmission that speaks directly to the intelligence of the heart, a deliberate means of evoking understanding.

The paintings teach and heal. They become tools, radiating sovereignty, a necessary reminder, directly in service to world peace and life continuity. They deploy the kind of frequencies that represent energy as currency.

My process of tapping into intuition, connecting with the universal mindset and the collective unconscious, helps to bring forth the ancestral knowledge for guidance. The paintings communicate, as a comprehensive resonance emerges, seeking receptive hearts and minds, opening us up so we may grow, uplifting and enlightening those around us.