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— sadee

The Power of the Black Super New Moon

(one who is) powerful by Sadee

Get ready for this month to end on a powerful note.  The July 31st black moon (which means the second new moon in a month) is also a super moon.  Super moons are new or full moons that are nearest to the Earth, allowing us to feel the vibrations of the moon more deeply.  This particular black super new moon begins at 11:11pm EDT, amplifying all the properties that this new moon in Leo brings.

Leo rules the heart.  What do you love?  How do you love yourself?  Leo embodies power, self confidence, leadership qualities, stepping into your sovereignty.  This new moon in Leo demands you take greater ownership of your self and your life.  July’s eclipses helped you face some old hurts and old wounds.  Now it’s time to settle the truth, reconcile with yourself, and take control of your life. 

July 31st also marks the end of mercury retrograde, with the planet going direct, bringing us out of a time of reflection, relaxation, resetting.  This is a new beginning, perfectly timed by Divine Will.  11:11 is the symbolic code for Divine Love, a sacred awakening to our deepest truths.  11s mean birthing, anchoring the new, a Divine Doorway.  This special time is a portal of opportunity to call forth our highest good.  

Take action.  Ask for guidance.  Make a wish.  Pray.  Rituals and spells are more powerful and effective now.  Everything will have an extra boost for manifestation at this auspicious time.  The spirit of the ancestors are with you.  This is a fresh start.  Lead with love.  


Sadee Brathwaite