Sadee is an extremely talented artist that has collaborated with us on various creative projects at our agency. Would definitely recommend her!
— Philippe Trinh., Creative Director, Northern Seekers
This world can be a noisy place where it is sometimes hard to know if you are being heard or even noticed. It can be an easy place to get lost. I have participated in rituals with Sadee from birthdays and passings to moon rituals and blessings and everything in between. And each one has been so meaningful, it isn’t hard to understand that each one of us is connected and affects the world around us. To find someone that can bring you to that sacred space for yourself is a gift and Sadee brings that. She is very thoughtful and present and I cannot recommend her enough.
— Wendy Kenneally
I trust Sadee’s perceptive intuition implicitly. She is reliable, responsible, and supportive. Sadee began by helping me to clarify my goals, to organize tasks, and to create a timeline for action. She is a clear thinker with great organizational and communication skills. My relationship with Sadee Brathwaite has had a huge impact on my level of confidence, belief in myself as an artist, and my ability to put my work on display. In fact, I’d like to state that working with Sadee has changed my life!
— Barbara Dorfman, MSW, Fiber Artist

“I am grateful for my girl Sadee Brathwaite. Sadee is my fearless beacon of hope and a phenomenal sacred advisor. I spent hours on the phone last night with her unleashing all of my frustrations, fears and desires. After holding space for me so tenderly she got out her notebook, helped me map out my plan and held my hand on the path to seeing my desires become a reality. This morning I woke up so inspired and excited. Sadee’s words have been with me all day, ‘Tara, you have everything you need.’ I am grateful for the clarity that Sadee has given me. I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to work with her as my sacred advisor.”

– Tara Rainstrom

“My experiences with Sadee have been beautiful and very authentic. She puts all of her love and passion intentionally into everything she does and her work speaks for itself. From an intimate reading to a simple conversation or expression through her art Sadee knows how to connect with people and make you feel like you’re always home.”

– Wendy Del Orbe, Creative Director / Founder, Ruhlers

“There are too many wonderful things I can say about Sadee. First and foremost, she is a very open and straightforward communicator, a trait so many lack in this day and age. Her intentions and energy are in tune with nature and those in her circle. She has a natural ability to express her vision through her artwork – pure and beautiful. Her style is a unique combination of the past, present and future. Drawing on her Barbadian or Bajan roots, the friendliest of West Indians, Sadee naturally has an inviting personality and witty charm. The universe saw fit for us to find each other - and I am so glad for it.”

– Tracy Broderick

From the first moments I met Sadee her kind and empathetic nature preceded her. It was easy to feel calm, secure, and at ease in her presence and I quickly came to consider her a person I could trust and never have once doubted it. This isn’t something that is normal for me. Sadee will put everything aside to help a friend or a stranger with a problem - and she is the one who helps solve that problem. Whether it’s a lost camera in the back of a taxi cab or a personal dilemma that seems to have no resolution, Sadee can see paths to solutions that others cannot. Whenever I interact with Sadee, whether it be an informal chat, seeking advice, or a meditation or prayer session, I always come away feeling so much more free and with so much more clarity. I call her Ace of Sades because she truly is the Best.
— Rachel Dattilio

“I will never forget the huge hug and warm embrace that I received from Sadee at Manny's Art Supply store in New Paltz, NY.  That was the day I realized the love and joy that Sadee radiates. We have known each other for a long time now and I have watched Sadee's art become more beautiful, powerful and expressive.  I love Sadee's words of wisdom and have seen her in action as a responsible and loyal friend. I have seen Sadee take command of situations in business, as well as in the kitchen, always with an inner strength and kindness.  Always thankful to have Sadee in my life.”

– Nadine Lesser

Sadee is a totally exceptional human being and God's gift to us. Her art is beautiful and speaks to each individual through color and creativity. I've done readings with her and she's very focused, calm, informative, knowledgeable and professional in this field. As for consulting, she's very organized and listens intensively to her clients to give them the best results possible.

– Jackie Brathwaite, Owner, Prestige Pink Hair & Nails

Sadee is a Joy to work with and to be around! She exudes depth, color, and beauty (just like her paintings)! The jeweled tones/ colors and movement of Sadee’s paintings are truly a window to her Soul, which brings the viewer into a state to connect these with these qualities their own essence. Sadee walks with, creates and teaches, with Beauty, compassion, calmness *and* exuberance! Gustav Flaubert said... ’The most important thing is to keep the Soul aloft!’ Through her Arts and Love and Wisdom, this is what Sadee does in the world!
— Sue Silverstream, Yoga Teacher and Healing Artist

“Sadee B. is an artistic and magical visionary.  Whether she is making amazing soul illuminating art or doing healings and divinations she channels spirit so beautifully and gives messages that come from a well of wisdom that reflects many lifetimes.  She is one of the kindest people I know and a gift to everyone she heals. I would place myself in her caring gentle hands any day. I’m so grateful she is a part of my life.”

– Jennie DeFina, Diviner and Healer