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Be really good to yourself, that is the way to heal.
— Sadee


You’re making a commitment to yourself. Share with an open heart. Learn how to radiate. Find your authentic self and be confident. Step into your power and be who you really are. Use this opportunity to grow as a soul in a safe and confidential space.

A phone session using active listening for support, motivation and inspiration.


Tools incorporated for guidance, include:

  • Pulling cards from sacred decks

  • Setting intentions

  • Prayers

  • Blessings

  • Affirmations

  • Rituals

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Ceremonies and Rituals

Sacred practices including new baby, new home or new business blessings.  Protection and clearing ceremonies (from stagnant or unwanted energies).  New moon, full moon, equinox and solstice rituals. Rites of passage for birth, coming of age, special occasions, and transitions.  

All in love, do no harm.

Starting at $525

NY Tri-State area (national and international options available)

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Specially designed wedding services including ceremony coordination, vow selections and pre-wedding counseling session.

Starting at $1250

NY Tri-State area (national and international options available)

Initial deposit required. Payment arrangements available.

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A chakra balancing guided meditation for healing, peace, ease and relaxation.

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