Sadee Brathwaite

My Musings

As we heal and grow, we uplift and enlighten those around us.
— sadee

Leveling Up

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Following our hopes and dreams can seem like such a daunting task. Not knowing our next steps, wanting to be “there” instead of “here”. Longing for the more, the better, the ultimate outcome, the fulfillment. It can be overwhelming.

The best way to start to level up on your journey is to take advantage of where you are. Breathe in to where you are. Accept it. Relax into it.

By embracing your current circumstances you set an energetic starting point.

Once that's your eyes to all that lays before you. Look. Pay attention. The universe sends signs. Opportunities present themselves. Research. Take advantage. Go to where's easily accessible for you. Do what comes naturally. Resist fighting/pushing. Sometimes surrendering is the way through. Let the current carry you.

Go with the flow. Work on your talents, hone your skills. Look for ways to get things done. Make room. You will see that as you take the next steps, the bridge across and the bridge upward, appears beneath your feet. Soon you arrive at your next level.